Hi, My name is Bruno Aguiar. Welcome to my blog page.

  • I like to tinker with technology. Taking things apart and putting them back together never gets boring.
  • I enjoy being in the outdoors and traveling.
  • I love to snowboard and occasionally surf when I get the chance.
  • Motorcycle racing (MotoGP) and motorsports are really fun.

My story

I was born in Portugal and raised in the United States. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and (ein bisschen) German. After University (Rutgers - New Brunswick) I moved out to Portugal to be with my girlfriend (now wife, YAY!). Since then we’ve moved back to the United States and worked together to build a better life. I have always been into technology and worked in IT most of my professional life. I am looking to take my career to the next level and enrolled in the Flatiron school to become a Software Engineer. Ultimately, I’d like to become a proficient mobile developer. This page is intended to help me log my journey as I grow and develop.